Homemade spicy hot chocolate with cinnamon and marshmallows

Monkey banana Hot Chocolate Cup

Banana flavored Hot Chocolate with marshmallows.
58 g/2 oz

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Banana flavored Hot Chocolate with marshmallows.

Sharing the nostalgia of the season, our Hot Chocolate cups are one of our most popular gifts. Tasty Hot Chocolate and lots of mini dehydrated marshmallows to top it off.

Packaged in our original sealed pouches storage should be in cool (< 21 C or 70 F), dry (< 60% r.h.) to provide a minimum shelf life without appreciable loss of flavour or functional characteristics.


hot chocolate: sugar, modified milk ingredients (whey protein concentrate, dairy product solids), cocoa (processed with alkali), corn syrup solids, coconut oil, sodium caseinate (milk), salt, dipotassium phosphate, mono and diglycerides, artificial flavor, modified cellulose gum/guar gum, silicon dioxide. Marshmallows: sugar, corn syrup, dextrose, modified corn starch, gelatin, artificial and natural flavor

Allergen Info:
Contains coconut & milk.

Hot Chocolate prepared in Canada / Marshmallows product of USA
Banana flavored Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows in Cup
What you Need:
- Contents of hot chocolate package
- 170 ml (6 oz) boiling water or very hot milk
- some mini marshmallows (included)

What to do:
Pour hot chocolate mix into the recyclable paper cup provided (not in the plastic cup).
Add 170 ml (6oz) very hot water or milk and stir well.
Top with the some of the marshmallows & enjoy!