S’Mores Dip – Heat sensitive

Includes Milk Chocolate and Marshmallows.

500 g / 17.6 oz

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Includes Milk Chocolate and Marshmallows.

500 g / 17.6 oz

Chocolate: sugar, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, cocoa powder, whey powder, powdered whey protein concentrate, whole milk powder, soya lecithin, natural flavour.
Marshmallows: corn syrup, sugar, modified corn starch, dextrose, water, gelatin, natural and artificial flavor, tetrasodium pyrophosphate.

Allergen Info:
Milk, soy

Chocolate Prepared in Canada, Marshmallows Product of U.S.A.


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S’mores Dip
What You Need:
- Contents of pouch of Gourmet du Village milk chocolate drops
- 2 1/2 tbsp (37.5 ml) 15% cream
- Contents of Gourmet du Village mini-marshmallows
- Graham crackers
What You Do:
Pre-heat oven to 180°C(350°F)
In Gourmet Village Cast Iron skillet (5 1/2”/14 cm) or small oven proof dish, place the chocolate drops and the cream and bake for 5 minutes.
Remove from the oven and stir until the mixture is smooth.
Put the oven on BROIL (260°C/500°F). Layer the marshmallows on top of the melted chocolate and place under the broiler for approximately 2 minutes or until golden brown.
Serve with Graham crackers.

If using a cast iron skillet, you can make this dish on the campfire, bbq or in the oven.