HOT CHOCOLATE BAR GREAT TO SHARE WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS Creamy Hot cocoa Its warming, comforting, it makes the house smell great, its good for the soul. If you are looking for something a bit more special or fun to add to a family gathering, a Thanksgiving dinner, instead of dessert. If you are a

    WHAT TO SERVE WITH CHEESE YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS WILL APPRECIATE THE EXTRA ATTENTION TO DETAIL The very first and in our opinion best thing to serve with any cheese is a local crusty Artisan bread, better than any store packaged cracker, finish it off with a fine glass of wine and you have a

    LOOK BEHIND THE HOLIDAY 2017 COLLECTION THE BIGGEST SEASON OF THE YEAR A conversation with Mike Tott co-founder of Gourmet du Village and still our ‘Creative Director’. We begin the process of creating new products and packaging more than a year in advance, in the fall, 15 or so months in advance we go out

    RETRO HOLIDAY RETRO 1950’S IS THE THEME FOR OUR NEW HOT CHOCOLATE COLLECTION Nostalgia, a wish for earlier times, traditional values, ‘Country Village’ Christmas is the predominant them for Holiday 2017 Hot Chocolate is our single biggest seller for the holidays, it was time for a fresh new look. Our best selling Hot Chocolate blends
  • Country Village

    COUNTRY VILLAGE COLLECTION ALL YOU NEED FOR A SPECIAL MEAL Featuring all the seasonings and recipes to create a wonderful occasion for family and friends. THE TASTE Blends of all natural Herbs & Spices is our signature, this was the perfect project to make some more. Country Herb stuffing is a product we created several
  • Nothing says summer better than a stuffed burger on the grill.

    DELICIOUS IDEAS FOR STUFFING YOUR BURGER Recipe gives the ingredients for a single burger patty, multiply by the number of burgers you are making: Bacon & Cheddar: 15 ml (1tbsp) chopped bacon + 30ml (2 tbsp) cubed cheddar. Onion & Mushroom Melt: Thinly slice mushrooms & onion & use approx. 15 ml (1tbsp) of each
  • Where We Show our Best – A 30 Year Retrospective

    Trade shows are where we grew up.  We started in 1982 selling our wares at Craft shows and Farmers Markets leading up to the holidays, an opportunity to meet our customers. After about 3 years, as our hobby grew into a cottage industry, we started to take our products to trade shows to get some
  • Great Taste to Enjoy Outdoors or Indoors

    Perfect for those cool Spring days, Summer and Fall evenings around a campfire, on your deck or just with the barbeque, anytime in the house or out that you feel like a warming treat to remind you of those outdoor days. Great projects to prepare with grandchildren so long as you are very careful to
  • Time to Refocus the Company Identity

    Introducing the ‘VILLAGE’ a new graphic look which will become the focus for us going forward. What is unique about ‘Gourmet du Village’?? that is the question we asked ourselves after 35 years. Back in 1982 we started for just one season calling ourselves ‘Pot Pourri Village’ creating sachets of sweet smelling Pot Pourri, at
  • Since 1982

    For 35 years the Tott family have been creating award winning recipes and artisan blends in their home village of Morin Heights, located in the Laurentians, a resort area of lakes and mountains an hours drive north of Montreal Quebec, Canada. Mike & Linda Tott started Gourmet du Village as hobby in 1982, son Alex