We make it ‘Easy to make Homemade’, we make it simple, we make it easy, we try to make it foolproof.

Ricotta & Spinach Frittata

Made with our Baked Ricotta Dip Mix

Lime & Cilantro Marinated Chicken

Zesty and fresh, a tasty and easy recipe for chicken using Lime & Cilantro dip mix.

Wild Mushroom and Bacon Linguini

This creamy yet, not too heavy dish is a week night family favorite. Quick and easy to prepare it has a truly Gourmet taste. Using our Cheddar & Bacon Dip Mix. Serves 4.

Texas Beef Chili

What Texans call a bowl'o red, just beef using our intense Chilli spices. That's all folks!

Zesty Pickled Cocktail Green Beans And Carrots

These delicious pickles made with our Pickling Spices will be good for a month or 2 in the fridge and make wonderful hostess gifts.

Vegetarian Beer Chili

Spicy, flavourful, the best vegetarian chili ever made with our Chili Spices.