Category: Meal for Two

Texas Beef Chili

What Texans call a bowl'o red, just beef and intense spices. That's all folks!

Shepherd’S Pie

This meaty favourite boasts 6 vegetables but 'he' doesn’t need to know that!

Fisherman’s Pie

Your catch of the day will be delicious in this versatile dish

Meatloaf Au Gratin

A comfort food clasic

Chicken Pot Pie

Be creative! Don’t waste the leftover pie dough, press it into a muffin pan, blind bake, then fill the tarts with something sweet, instant dessert.

Chicken, Cheddar & Broccoli Frittata

This is a delicious combination but, if you have no chicken, no Broccoli, no problem! Frittatas have endless possibilities, use whatever odds and ends you have on hand plus any of our dip mixes and make it your own.